Answers to frequently asked questions

Is my job done yet? What is the status?

We understand you are anxious to get your beloved vehicle back on the road, however, we cannot give step-by-step updates. You will only hear from us twice unless there is a problem with your parts or we have a question for you to clarify something that you requested.

Notice 1: We have received your parts

Notice 2: Your job is complete and ready for shipment

Please rest assured that we will do everything in our power to complete the programming you requested within the quoted turnaround times. You can also be confident that your items will not sit here after completion and we will contact you as soon as they are ready.

Stopping to answer every ?what is the status? email only delays turnaround times. You may not receive a response to such inquiries. We are not trying to be rude, we are just using our time to get your parts back to you as soon as possible. As soon as we have information for you, we will contact you.

IF, you failed to enclose the necessary shipping forms (see below) and tracking information says that your package has arrived at our location (Monday ? Thursday), call or email our shipping department to get the necessary paperwork completed. If emailing, please reply from the last email received from us.

IF, you did enclose all necessary forms, but you did not receive a notice from our shipping department that your package has arrived, please check your SPAM folder first. If you did not receive an email from us, then please reply from the last email you received from us so we can verify that the email was not misread from your forms in the shipping department.

Have you received my package yet?

The first business day after your package arrives, the shipping department will open it to locate your shipment forms. They will verify the forms are completed and the contents match what you have stated and that nothing has been damaged in transit. Once everything is verified and checked in, they will email you using the email address on the forms to let you know we have received your package.

Before contacting us, verify the location of your package using the tracking information provided by your shipper. If it says the package was already delivered on a previous business day and you did not receive notice from our shipping department, then you may send us an email to verify its safe arrival.

How do I calculate turnaround times?

All quotes from us should include a ?turnaround time?. If you did not receive one or sent parts without getting a quote, please email us immediately. Turnaround times are calculated from the day we receive completed forms.

Our programming department is here 4 ten hour days Monday through Thursday 7:30 AM to 6 PM working on your jobs. The reception for the programming and shipping departments is available Monday through Thursday 9AM to 5:30PM PST. If your items arrive on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday they are checked in on Monday (the first business day after your parts arrived).

How to calculate turnaround times (examples):

              Do not include Friday, Saturday or Sunday in your calculations. We are closed.

Same day: items will be programmed and ready to return to the shipper the business day your package arrives and is checked in.

1 Day: If your items arrive Monday they should be ready for shipment on Tuesday.  If your items arrive on Thursday they will be ready for shipment on Monday.

2 Day: Items received Monday will be ready to ship by Wednesday. Items received Wednesday will be ready for shipment on Monday.

4 Day: Items will be ready for shipment one week after they arrive.

Do I need shipment forms and proof of ownership documents?

ALL PACKAGES must include the completed shipment forms (click here). Packages arriving in our shipping department without these forms are shelved until the necessary forms arrive.

Proof of ownership documents are only necessary in ?all keys lost? situations and odometer corrections.

What is the shipping process?

After you have received your email quote you are welcome to ship your items whenever you are ready. Please review your quote to be sure all requested items are included in your package as well as the shipment forms. If we are supplying parts, please reply to your quote email to verify stock is on hand before shipping.

We have no preference how you ship your items to us. All major delivery companies deliver here.

Fragile items should be protected by appropriate packaging. Take extra care with instrument cluster clear plastics and LCD screens.

What shipping method do you use to return my items? Can I get a shipping quote?

We ship via USPS priority mail unless otherwise requested. Signature confirmation is required on ALL shipments leaving our facilities due to credit card processor requirements. We do not add handling fees for packaging and shipping withing the continental US, we only bill actual shipping fees from the agent.

UPS shipping is available upon request if needed.

FedEx has no drop point near us. If you prefer to provide your own FedEx shipping arrangements let us know when you are ready and we will call FedEx for a pickup. Keep in mind that any pickup calls after 10am our time will not be picked up until the following business day (business days).

You can estimate costs by going to the respective website and entering the addresses and weight of you package. Our address can be found on the shipment forms.

Shipping insurance: you are welcome to add insurance to your package for return shipment. The shipping department can assist you with this when they contact you to arrange payment and shipping methods. Keep in mind that high dollar insurance amounts (of or in excess of $1000) may require dropping off items at a UPS or USPS shipping depot for signatures from the courier so it will delay shipping times.

What forms of payment are accepted? When am I billed?

The most common payment method is by credit card. We all major credit cards. Paypal payments are also accepted for international shipments only, however due to the high fees, we add a 3% fee for this payment method.

As soon as the programming department has finished your job and moved it to the shipping department, Shipping will contact you for payment.