Update! New equipment available. Isuzu IDSS

    Now programming Isuzu medium duty trucks. Replacement parts and software updates.

Visit our programming page to see other makes available.

Local wholesale customers only

Use the request form here or

Call for scheduling Monday - Thursday 503-263-8549


Need to ship parts for programming or testing?

Submit a quote request here: Quote Request


Don't turn away potential customers,

and don't lose time and money towing customers' cars to the dealer to finish a repair that you started but can't finish due to programming needs. We have the OEM diagnostic equipment needed to complete the job. Mobile technicians can come to you.  Call us before you turn down the job or take / tow a car to the dealership.

Contact us or see the "Mobile Services" and "Programming" pages for more information.

Used ECU specialists

Did the dealership say a used computer will not work? Contact us, we have solutions for most models.

Not Local? Ship it to us after getting a written quote.

Many of our services cannot be completed in-car.  You may not have a local dealership to program for you. Often, you can save money by shipping the ECU to us for programming. We will program it on the bench and return it ready to run.

We program:
    • Keys
    • Remotes
    • Engine Computers - new and used
    • Body Computers - new and used
    • Immobilizers - new and used
    • Instrument clusters / speedometers - new and used

Services available