Video manuals:

    Monster 2009-14 659, 696, 796, 1100

        Key programming using the code card

        Immobilizer override procedure

    Monster 2002-2008 620, 695, 750, 800, 1000

           Immobilizer Programming using the Red Key

    Superbike 848, 1098, 1198

        Immobilizer programming using the red key


Step-by-step Instructions:

Marelli / Red Key System

Electronic Code Immobilizer override procedure

Use this procedure if you have lost all programmed keys or if the instrument cluster becomes inoperative:

red key override

Red Key Immobilizer Programming
Red key programming

Digitek Code Card System

Key Programming with Electronic Code

Digitek key programming

Immobilizer Override with Electronic Code

Digitek override

Removal Instructions

Ignition lock removal - F code

Ignition lock removal - Z code (laser)

HFCU removal - MTS1200